What to Consider When Buying an ID Scanner for Age Verification and ID Checking?

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What to Consider When Buying an ID Scanner for Age Verification and ID Checking - for Bars, Restaurants, Convenience stores, Marijuana Dispensaries, Tobacco shops.

When buying an ID scanner for Age Verification and ID checking, there are many things that you need to keep in mind. The fact of the matter is that not all ID scanners are the same so you'll need to know what you want before you make the final purchase. If you use an ID scanner day in and day out, it can be painful if you make the wrong choice. As a general rule of thumb, search for ID scanners that are simple. Many times the fancy features come with added cost that you may or may not need or end up using.

When it comes to daily use, your ID scanner should be easy to handle, scan IDs quickly, and access saved data easily and securely - ideally without employee training. The use of ID scanners for age verification was first introduced in 1998 by CardCom with the CAV2000 model, designed to simplify the ID checking process and eliminate human error - not add to it. The CAV2000 model is still popular after 20 years on the market due to the adage that simple works.



If you are researching Age and ID Verification solutions, here are some considerations often overlooked before purchasing an ID scanner.

  • How much does the ID scanner cost once I factor in maintenance or subscription fees?
  • Now that I store scanned data, how do I want to manage saved ID/DL data - locally or subscription based services on the cloud? How do I assure customers their information is secure?
  • Who will service my equipment if there's an accident or requires care?
  • Will I have to replace the equipment if we have an accident or can we have it serviced?
  • What is the cost to maintain the ID scanner with the latest drivers license programming update?

Viage ID scanners are a comprehensive Age Verification solution that comes standard with free software and free ID format updates for the life of the device. You can work confidently knowing we have your ID scanner covered. No licensing or subscription fees are necessary. Make the CAV3200 an integral part of your ID checking policy.


  • Fast and Accurate scan - Reads all ID/DL cards in the U.S. and Canada. (2D barcode and magnetic stripe formats)
  • Compliance Reporting - Memory can be disabled or enabled allowing you the flexibility to store ID data for due diligence proof. Free software compiles transaction log, client log, VIP/Banned, reports, exporting and more.
  • Affordable - All accessories are included along with Free data manager software and Free ID updates for the life of the device. No licensing, subscription fees, or hidden fees.
  • Easy & Ergonomic - Compact, Portable, Stand alone, Plug n Play out of the box, dummy-proof operation, can be used alone or with mountable stand or carrying holster.
  • Service - Free product and software assistance. Manufactured and serviced in the U.S. 30-day money back guarantee.

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