Product overview

Concentrating on the development of new technology since its inception, CardCom Technology now faces the new millennium as the leader for Integrated Electronic Payment System covering Auto ID Products, Automatic Fare Collection, Telecommunication and E-commerce.

Automatic ID Products

CardCom Technology offers quality Magnetic Card Readers, Smart Card Readers, Card Dispensers, and Issuing Machines that will satisfy any set of requirements. Custom configurations are available for all OEM products, including modification of standard units as well as development of new models to meet the product specification required by customers.

POS & ID Checking Equipment Terminals

In response to the proliferation of ID theft, fake IDs, and underage drinking and smoking, CardCom Technology brings you the ViAge series, a complete ID checking solution. As the leader in ID detection, there is only one place to go for your Auto ID needs! The ViAge family includes the CAV-2000 and CAV-3000 series (which covers five different models with varying functions) offering diversity in ID checking solutions to satisfy any retailer. Whether you opt for the low end or high end ViAge solution, all terminals have features of data capture, accurate and quick reading, age and date of birth display, compactness, portability and affordability.

For POS scanning and ID verification in one, the CAV-3200 POS is ideal for supermarket and convenience stores. It reads UPC, UCC/EAN, RSS and CS symbology and reads the magnetic stripe and 1D and 2D barcode off of state and provincially issued drivers licenses and identification cards.