Barcode & Magnetic Stripe ID/DL Reader with Memory
(Compatible with all jurisdictional IDs in North America)


Reads all ID/DL cards in the U.S. and Canada.
Smart card reader/writer
Credit card verification
Password protection
Flash Memory 
VIP/Banned List
No user training 
Simple one swipe operation and big bold AGE display for dummy-proof operation
Expired ID's displayed with Expired message and double beep to alert user
Compatible with Professional version software (free with unit purchase)
Free State format upgrades for the life of the device
Graphic LCD with backlight
Audio output in form of buzzer 


Reads and displays all ID/DL and credit cards for verification
Perform Age Verification and Compliance Reporting
Credit card verification
Can be programmed to read any custom or proprietary formatted magnetic stripe cards
Compact & Portable

Compatible States:

All Driver's License and Identification Cards in the U.S. and Canada

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  • Brand: Viage
  • Product Code: CAV-3200
  • Availability: In Stock
"The flexibility of the ViAge Verifier makes it easy for us to use. We use it behind the bar, at the door - almost everywhere. The unit is very intimidating to kids with fake ID's. When we have bands playing, we use it at the door and some kids who have fake ID's have gotten out of line because they saw us using the ViAge verifier."

- Famous Sam's
"The ViAge Verifier is easy to use. We use it for our concerts and it's so quick and easy to verify people's ages, this unit makes things run much smoother. When people have a fake ID they don't even try to use it when they see that we are using an age verification device. The ViAge Verifier is use as a deterrent for those people with fake ID's."

- The Village Breckenridge Resort
"I Love it! It is a timesaver for us. And that really speaks for itself. We have used the verifier for 12 months and it really helps us when we are rushed at the bar by taking out a lot of the guesswork and makes turning 18, 19 and 20 year-olds away easy. We have had no legal problems since buying the machine."

- Club 436
"Thank you so much for sending the new ViAge so quickly. My store is right across the street from Disneyland and your product has saved us countless times. Let me know if I can provide a testimonial as to the quality, value and usefullness of the ViAge. I would be happy to help you acquire new customers!"

- St. Germain Liquor
"The ViAge device is simple, durable and timeless. It’s my workhorse - after running for over 10 years, I have ordered another machine."

- Raven Tobacco
"My livelihood is my liquor license. The ViAge has been instrumental in keeping it that way. No more undercover cops since then."

- GW's Jaws